How to make sure you have a good experience at a barber shop in Brisbane

Nobody wants to walk out of the barber shop with an ugly haircut. It just doesn’t spell one single bad hair day but rather weeks of dealing with a horrible cut. However, there are definitely ways in which you can ensure that you get the best hair styling done at a barber shop in Brisbane.  Just following a simple strategy can help maximize your chance of looking the way you have always anticipated. The following are a few ways in which you can ensure that you always have a great experience when visiting a new barber shop in Brisbane.


Always have some idea of what you are after

If you have a certain style or hair cut in mind, make sure that you explain it to your barber. If possible do try and bring a picture or two to help them get a better idea of what it is you are looking for. It could be a cut out from a magazine or even a picture y have screen shot. Barbers are happy to oblige their clients. Also they do not consider it offensive at all. Their major aim is to have a satisfied client and if their client is happy looking a certain way they are definitely going to oblige. This is one of the easiest ways of communicating with your barber and letting them know what you have in mind. Plus they would make sure that they give a cut which is somehow similar to the one you have in mind but something which flatters your bone structure as well. A great hair cut can completely alter the way you look. If it’s just like what you have in mind, it can be a double bonus.

Always be realistic

Just because you are getting your hair styled a particular way doesn’t mean you are going to look exactly like the model in the picture. There are so many factors which would contribute to the end result. The quality and the thickness of your hair matters as well. While your thinning hair can be given a look of fullness with the help of a certain cut, but it’s not going to look like a full blown model haircut.


Listen to their suggestions

Most men complain that they can hardly recreate the look which the barber had done at the time of the cut. This is because they don’t follow the styling instructions or maybe they are not handling the styling properly at home. Pay attention to the time your hair is being styled. While you may not be as professional as your barber but practice makes perfect. If they are using certain products like a gel or hair cream for the style, make sure you get one for yourself as well. It would help to create the style easily at home as well.

By following the above mentioned tips you can easily manage a great looking hair style. Go to Brisbane’s Blackwood Barber shop for help in maintaining your look.

Tips for Buying Quality Hair Extensions

Are you looking for hair extensions in Parramatta? Hair extensions can add a certain beauty to otherwise short and wispy hair. You can completely change the way you look by adding a few hair extensions. Not only these are a glamorous addition to your everyday look but can actually be great for preventing hair damage. For example if you like to add some streaks to your hair, you could do this by simple putting in some colourful extensions instead of having to go about and get your hair dyed.

So how do you buy good quality hair extensions? Simple, just take a look at the following tips to help you find the best air extensions.

Tips for buying quality hair extensions

  • Check out the different hair types which make a hair extension. The highest quality hair extensions are Remy hair extensions. The reasons being that the hair in these extensions is natural sourced and all cuticles in the hair lie in the same direction. These are the qualities which make the extensions look as natural as possible and doesn’t even give the look of having had any extensions put in the hair.
  • The best thing about good quality extensions is that these can be styled in different ways because they actually resemble your own hair. Extensions should add to the beauty of your hair making it look as natural as possible. The real reason is to add length and thickness to hair and make it look natural.
  • There is also an option of buying synthetic hair extensions. However these tend to be not as high quality. The shine is normally due to the covering of silicone. In the long run the shine tends to lessen when exposed to a great deal of heat from the iron or a straightener.
  • Also take a look at the wefts in the hair extensions. Good quality wefts means high quality hair extensions in Parramatta. The weft should be sewn to one of the higher strands in the extensions. None of the strands should be sticking out from the sides.
  • Check out for shedding. High quality extensions won’t shed over a period of time but would remain intact. In order to check for shedding simply run your fingers through the hair and check if some of it comes into your hands or not.
  • The extensions should have the same thickness from top to bottom. Hold a weft up into the light to check for any gaps. A weft with plenty of gaps suggest the extensions being low quality.
  • Don’t forget to check the clips of the extensions as well. High quality clips make it easier to put in and take off the hair extensions. Plus these clips can prevent hair tangling and you wouldn’t find attaching or detaching a major problem.
  • Also the length of all the hair in the extensions should be the same.

Keeping all of the above mentioned things in mind would help you find the best hair extensions in Parramatta.