Jobs for Disabled: 5 Key Considerations

It is always an uphill task for people with disability to look for jobs. While most employers might not offer them a chance, it is sometimes their fault as they apply for jobs that are highly unfavourable to them.

That notwithstanding, disabled people can work effectively if given an opportunity. So, they should not hesitate to apply for job opportunities whenever a vacancy is advertised. The only thing to do is ensure they qualify.

In today’s job market, disability is not a disqualification as the job market is open to various qualifications, talents, passions, and abilities. So, whether you are a nurse, lawyer, engineer, social scientist, or media personality, you have enough chances.

This article tells you the essential things to consider while looking for a job if you are a persona living with a disability.

Understand your disability

While disability should not hinder work, some types of disabilities are not fit for some jobs. Typically, your disability type offers insights into the kind of job that perfectly suits you. For example, people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), perform better in careers that allow creativity and independence.

So, before you apply for a job, understand your disability so that you do not get frustrated while on the job.

Are you qualified for the job?

Your skills and qualifications matter a lot. Do not apply for a job that you do not have the right capabilities for? For instance, if a job vacancy is for teaching, only apply for that job if you qualify.

The best thing would be to review your skills, qualifications, and abilities. Once you have established them, focus on what you are best at. When your qualification does not match what is required of a job, just let the opportunity pass.

Review your interests and passions

What career makes you happy? Always strive to do something that you will always look forward to doing. Though they pay well, some jobs might not make sense to you. You will strain every workday all year long.

Apply for a job that you could roll up your sleeves and do without thinking. Indeed, all jobs have some bumps, but a job you love and are passionate about will be much less bumpy. Furthermore, you will tackle it with unmatched confidence.

Keep in mind that it is not always easy to find a job that you are passionate about. The driving force behind job searches is to earn a living. But if you are disabled, not every job is right for you, even if you fully qualify unless you love the job.

Figuring out what you love can be hectic. Here are some tips to follow to determine what you are passionate about:

  • What did you love as a child? True passion emerges in childhood, but real-life pressure squeezes them out. So, remember what you loved as a child and get back with those thoughts.
  • Eliminate the money factor. You cant ignore money, but do not let your financial needs dictate your life choices. Let your career lead to financial security.
  • Get feedback from friends. Your judgment is not the best at times, so ask your trusted friends to offer you their thoughts.

Above all, talk to a career counsellor to help you figure out what is best for you. Counsellors from Busy Ability have great tools to help you make informed choices.

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