Treatment Chair 101: Buying a geriatric chair

The geriatric chair is also known as a geri chair and is usually suggested for the elderly to provide them with positional care. It is effective for people who suffer from limited mobility. Such elderly need to sit in a safe position to prevent any injuries. These chairs actually provide an alternative solution to hospital medical chairs.

The chairs can be adjusted in a variety of positions to give the ultimate comfort to its user. The designs are versatile and allow the elderly to use these chairs according to their specific requirements. Improper posture can often cause further injuries or worsen an already existing one. Plus people who have become weakened overtime due to previous surgery or any illness might find such a chair comforting.

These chairs cane be used in any environment, at a medical facility or even at home. The chairs are so simple to use and maneuver that these can be operated by just about anyone. There are no difficult functions or operations. Just a simple button which can help adjust the position without any problem.

However it should be kept in mind that thee chairs are designed with clinical requirements in mind and should not at any cost be confused with regular recliners. These in fact offer great deal more support and better positioning options.

The chair is designed as such that it can help prevent the pressure which often cause sores to develop. The right amount of foam allows for better circulation and prevent any kind of blockade which might result in sprain or strain. Thee chairs are also equipped with safety belts. For example if an elderly have lost their ability of balance but still require to be seated in a certain position on a daily basis, thee chairs can be life savers.

Most of these chairs feature a caster. This allows the chairs to be transported from one place to another without a problem. The back seats are fully padded and so are the armrests as well as the footrests. These features help make the chair as comfy as possible. The material from which these chairs are designed are high quality. Since these are made from hospital grade material, this makes it quite easy for these chairs to be cleaned and help maintain the hygiene.

There are chairs which offer different kind of positions. The most common being the ones which offer three positions, the upright, the elevated footrest position and a reclined position. Then there are chairs which offer infinite positions. This means these have a total freedom of any kind of position and can even be placed in the Trendelenburg position.

The next thing which should be considered is whether these chairs are manual or power operated. The latter of course cost more. While these are also more convenient but should only be bought if the budget allows. Some chairs also offer a tilt in space, which can actually help shift the pressure.

Modsel supply a range of treatment chairs. Keep all of these things in mind when buying treatment chairs.




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