What mothers need to consider when looking for leading breast pumps

It definitely matters when it comes to choosing the right kind of breast pump. First time mothers would benefit from choosing a pump which can allow them to breastfeed with ease and is completely convenient to use. The following are some of the things to consider if you are looking for leading breast pumps.

Who can benefit from using a pump?

  • Breast pumps are essential especially for mothers whose baby  might have a latching problem. They might not be able to directly breastfeed the baby so the next best option is investing in a pump.
  • Some mothers plan to return back to work or school after the birth of the child.
  • It is also essential for mothers who give birth to premature children and might have to be separated from them
  • For mothers who plan on increasing the milk supply especially if they have given birth to twins or more babies

Buying leading breast pumps

When and what time you buy a pump actually depends upon your circumstances. If the baby is unable to nurse or if you are having difficulty feeding your baby the right way you may need to use a special hospital grade pump. However this pump would be available in the hospital for you to use while you are staying there and you can rent one until you decide that you are able to breastfeed your child again.

Mothers who plan on getting back to work they might want to consider investing in electrical pump because it allows for more cycles per minute. It can help save time and make breastfeeding a convenient option.

However you shouldn’t invest in a cheap pump. Not only is it noisy but it can even cause damage to the sensitive breast tissue. Its important to consider the warranty and the expected lifetime of the pump.

Consider the different fit options when buying a breast pump. The focus should be e on a pump which allows you to consider a nipple tunnel which is available in different sizes.

There are pumps which are available for occasional use and there are the ones which are available for regular use. For the former manual pumps are a good option because they just need to be used once a day. On the other hand a motorized pump is often chosen by mothers who are separated from their babies for a long period of time. These are quite expensive because these are run on batteries and the batteries need to be changed frequently. One benefit of these pumps is that these connect to the electrical socket is well but these are just a little bit noisy.

There are some pumps which are above the dollar 300 price range but which come with 3 year warranty. Even after you are finished using it you can easily loan it or sell it off to another mother or even recycle it for your next child.

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